My background

Fighting for the underdog?  Plain speaking?

It's about time.

Lawyer, writer, teacher and single dad...now a County Commissioner in Union County

My top issues

A page-by-page review of outdated BOLI rules that trip employers and trap employees. 

My "One Oregon" approach to build and share truly statewide economic development for worker opportunity, business expansion, safety, health, and career retraining.

To fight poverty with a genuine cabinet-level focus and to deal with the ongoing effects of poverty in Oregon.

My involvement

Disabilities advocate and ceaseless campaigner for equity and inclusion: including service as a national commissioner in the USA's largest affordable housing organization. 

Member of local and regional community action councils for affordable and accessible  healthcare.


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"My goal is to do more than say I represent people who have been shut out of the system. I will listen to every voice, no matter what their hometown, sheepskin or calloused hands or accent. I will learn from those who work the midnight shift, or keep bankers hours. I can only help lead by being a servant." 

Jack Howard For Labor Commisisoner

1809 Adams Avenue, La Grande, OR 97850, US

(541) 786-7211